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HTM Series Call Points

Industry leading Nurse Call Points.

Introducing the new Nursecall+ Hospital range from Medicare Systems. Available in two models, the Emergency and Cardiac Unit is HTM compliant, offering a red or blue pull on, push off switch and colour coded to meet HTM guidelines.

Medicare call points are housed in unique, elegant enclosures for maximum visibility and ease of use and both models have a landscape design to allow for fitting within bedhead trunking.

We realise that the Medicare call points may well be subjected to food and drink spillages as well as other contaminants. Therefore, rather than using traditional buttons that trap infectious material, become stuck and unreliable, we use a wipe clean label with a Microban® anti-bacterial coating and the enclosure itself is embedded with anti-microbial additives. If anything is spilled onto the call point it can simply be wiped off and if the label is damaged it can be replaced in seconds, leaving the call point looking as good as new.

Each call point (other than ceiling pull cords) has clearly marked buttons providing (depending on model) Call, Attendance, Assistance, Emergency, Cardiac and Reset. Each of these use the HTM guideline colour coding standard. The button label has a luminescent coating making it easily visible in the dark.

The HTM 6500 is fitted with two sockets for pear push leads and/or auxiliary devices such as pressure mats, bed sensors and monitors. The nurse call points are powered by AA alkaline batteries (supplied) which under normal conditions provide 2-3 years usage. Every bedroom call point has a built-in timer unit allowing bed and chair sensor pads to be added without the need for additional equipment.

There are also a number of programmable features which include staff attendance and HDU set ups.

Important Information

HTM Complaint

Bedhead trunking design

Anti-microbial additives

Versatile, flexible and easy to install

Low maintenance

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