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15 inch Display Panels

15" displays with e-logging display all the nurse call information you rely on.

Flexible wall or desk mounted displays for all care environments.

Using the very latest touchscreen technology, Medicare’s 15″ nurse call display panels can be programmed to show a number or location of the call.

All our displays can be wall or desk mounted and provide the ability to view multiple calls on the same screen. The system prioritises calls so that they will be handled in order of importance and it is clear to see which calls have been on the system for the longest duration.

All Medicare nurse call display panels can be updated by our customers (using password protected access). For complex care sites we are also able to provide floor plans on-screen to display specific location details of the call, as well as additional information depending on the needs of your home and residents.

Our messaging feature can display specific care information reminders at pre-set times. This can be used to alert or notify staff of any specific needs of the residents, such as medication reminders or checks/duties that need to be carried out


This feature allows you to display important information at preset times of the day. It can be used to alert or notify staff of any specific needs of the residents, such as medication required or checks/duties that need to be carried out at specific times. For a full explanation of this please contact our support team.

15 inch Display Panel - Technical Information

‘Note’ button will show if notes have been entered for a specific resident.

» ‘Map’ button will light for accepted calls with associated maps. Tap Map button to view the location of each call on the relevant floor plan
» Colour coded location markers flash for call types.

HTM compliant sounds

» Up to 99 zones
» Text addresses for zones
» Zone priority option
» Call escalation

» Control buttons on touch screen
» Volume adjust UP/DOWN
» Mute
» Calls Waiting – to scroll though waiting call list*
» Map – to display call location
» Notes – resident notes
» Menu – to access advanced functions

*Auto scroll option available. The display will cycle through the first four calls waiting

» Record of all calls and events time and date stamped
» Records response time (from call to nurse present)
» Records attendance time (nurse presence to cancel)
» Last 200 events viewable on screen

» User editable details
» Resident’s name,
» Set reminders and add/edit notes
» Switch Day/Night mode
» Optional e-Logging and reporting feature available

» The accept feature shows that a member of staff has selected the call to attend
» Tap or mouse click on selected call will accept the call

» 433 MHz

Note. Advanced features may not be available on some frequencies – please ask for details.

Important Information

Mapping facilities

Medication reminders

Staff attendance logs

Built-in call history

Call acceptance

Day/Night modes

Variety of call tones

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