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Nurse call Systems for Care Homes

Simple to use. Exceptional aftercare.

Wireless Radio Nurse call systems are now commonplace in nursing and residential homes, with Medicare now serving over 100,000 residents around the UK. Due to their ease of installation our Nurse call systems can be quickly and efficiently installed in any home. Our advanced technology has proven to work in the most challenging building environments time and time again.

Medicare have installed wireless Nurse call systems in many listed and heritage locations around the UK. The flexibility of the Medicare wireless system means that it can be easily added to should your needs change.

Core Products in a Nurse Call System

Nurse Call Systems in Action

Reassurance at a touch of a button

Have reassurance with the reliability and simplicity of the Medicare Nurse Call System. The new Nursecall+ range for care homes provides the very latest technology for the care industry. Medicare’s iButton, offers staff attendance and identification. Medicare can create the perfect nurse call system giving your staff and resident’s convenience and peace of mind.


Adaptable to environments and care needs

Our advanced technology has proven to work in the most challenging building environments time and time again adapting to the needs of different care settings. Each nurse call point is housed in unique, elegant enclosures for maximum visibility and ease of use.

At Medicare we also understand the importance of giving residents the ability to use a nurse call system, however for some pressing a button is simply not possible. The Medicare in-house development team explores any new advances in assistive technology that are likely to have a positive involvement in Care Homes. There are also a number of programmable features which can be customised for each nursing or care home.

Transparency and accountability through centralised data

Have complete visibility over your nurse call data with Medicare’s reporting system, E-LOGGING, connecting with the iButton feature. Medicare’s E-LOGGING service provides you with secure access to your nurse call data through the iCloud platform. Used in the Nursing and Residential environment, this powerful reporting tool supplies accurate call data analysis providing evidential reports. This gives you the capability to monitor trends providing data to assist with compliance reports for inspections. This allows accountability and transparency through integrated nurse call data.

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